We facilitate and coach people to develop 'can do' attitudes, business skills and business knowledge; leading to a change, in there effectiveness, in line with the goals and values of their organisation.

We work closely with clients and their staff in order to build a foundation for effective learning and development.


We support the development of skill-sets through coaching and feedback, utilising learning partners own knowledge and real life experience to embed learning.


Bespoke training to suit your needs!

The team @ asktraining

Introducing the ASK team...each person below, has many years of practical experience, and skills that make them able to deliver outstanding results with groups and individuals. They are individually selected for the courses we run, based on the needs and requirements of the training. We guarantee to deliver the right training, with the right people, at all levels.
Mike Kean
Managing Director, Founder and Lead Facilitator
Mike has a professiomal interest in sales, management and leadership. He qualified as an international trainer with Dale Carnegie Training. Mike’s background is as an engineer who trained with ICI in Scotland and has extensive experience managing engineering projects overseas as well as within the UK.
Christopher Kean
Business Development
Chris is an enthusiastic and conscientious manager with an outstanding ability to communicate with others at all levels of business. With a strong background in sales from managing call center sales teams to creating bespoke training solutions for clients.
Walter Blackburn
Presentation facilitator
Walter has developed leading edge training programmes and built a team of superb trainers to deliver quite remarkable results. His vision is to inspire people, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
Dermot Fitzpatrick
Story Teller and Media presenter
Dermot is an inspiring business coach, facilitator and motivational speaker with a wealth of business experience, knowledge and wisdom. His clients enjoy greater clarity of vision, more focused decision-making, and an increased passion for their business and their personal life. He creates a trusting and confidential relationships.
Mel Morris
Training and Development leader
Mel has a gift for training, and an innate ability to recognise and understand the needs of the client and amazingly creates exciting and fun ways to transfer this knowledge to people through experiential learning programs designed just for them.
Kevin Heneghan
Learning Facilitator
Kevin’s main areas of work are Facilitation, Perception and Management of Risk, Change Management and Media/Reputation Management. Kevin is always keen to explore innovative methods to enable first-class facilitation, communication and learning to take place.
Chris Whitehead
Learning Facilitator
Chris is an experienced facilitator and love working with groups to get them to a place they never dreamed they could get. It’s great when this happens, and it does. Chris comes with great expertise in Facilitation and Change Management.
Colette Johnson
Learning Facilitator
Colette has a bright and friendly personality which quickly engages people and creates a positive learning environment. With a background of sales, telesales, and management in high profile commercial organisations she makes sure that her training is based in reality and that participants translate the learning into real results for the business.
Richard Opie
Learning Facilitator
Richard brings energy to facilitation and believe that engaging people in a fun and experiential way is crucial to learning and discovery. Richard is an enthusiastic contributor and brings not only excellent facilitation skills, but an extra ingredient as a trained actor.
Phil Hawthorn
Team Dynamics and Leadership.
Phil specialises in team dynamics and leadership. His energy, creativity and love of people make him ideally suited to training. He loves making the training real. His style is challenging, forthright, experience based and fun. Equipped with range of techniques to help participants to come up with solutions themselves.
Sue Leach
Designer, art-worker, print production & project manager – all in one.
As a designer, I have been working with Mike on the ASK training print material for a number of years now. Every manual and workbook produced is a bespoke item. Communicating the right look and feel. Producing a tailored design for each company Mikes training with, so that it fits with their expectations and training direction.

Training today for tomorrows success

About US

Based just outside Edinburgh, Scotland ASK Training offers both local and international training solutions. ASK Training take pride in providing our clients with the desired and agreed outcomes. This is, in part achieved by using real work issues to highlight and embed learning during training. As part of our process we always test the training prior to delivery and once perfected, we deliver and facilitate workshops in an active and engaging style. Training in specific areas of business ASK Training delivers through a team of associates who are vetted, trusted and are proven experts in their field of study. A prerequisite for a trainer is enthusiasm. The team have real business experience and the courses are based on a high level of interaction, facilitated by our trainers.
What we do...

ASK Training work in conjunction with you in order to identify and address training requirements. We conduct specific training needs analysis to create the best training solution for you. Our inquiring and innovative minds ensure that your learning and development is customised and delivered in a fresh impact-full, engaging style.

  • Leadership

    We believe that our leadership role is to discover the 'it' in others, sharing a vision, focusing on behaviours that gain results, compassion, energy and courage to inspire our people. To create an ‘environment’ and bring out the best in others. People are motivated by their feelings and by their thoughts; by a want or need to do something well. And our view is that they already have enough skills and know how to be very successful – it’s just that they probably don’t realise it!

  • Management

    If management is the design, implementation and control of a process and leadership is the motivation and inspiration of the people involved in that process then… Are we as managers or leaders achieving the results we desire? Our 'Inspiring Management to Leadership' program looks at the key functions of management and Leadership and provides tools to identify management tasks against leadership tasks in order to facilitate the achieving of set goals.

  • Sales

    Sales are essential to any business and the key to sales is communication and process management. It is not enough to be charming or driven one needs to be able to follow up and deliver. It is only through building a reputation of excellence and strong relationships that will lead you to success in sales. Our 7 steps program provides the process and the structure to navigate the sales process

  • Poweful Presentations

    To transmit and receive information with understanding. We communicate our messages through speech, our bodies and our attitude. ASK Training excel in creating a safe, nurturing environment where participants a encouraged to feel comfortable with their own style in order to be comfortable presenting.


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